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Why choose HAZE Tobacco™?

We use only the finest tobacco and the best ingredients to produce excellent tobacco for your hookah experience.  Once you try HAZE™, you will realize that our product is on a whole new level of hookah tobacco, from our fine quality to its amazing taste! Nothing leaves our facility, not even a single tobacco leaf, without going through the proper testing and making sure that the final production is Simply the Best™!

Where can I find HAZE Tobacco™ locally?

Visit your local smoke shop or hookah bar.  And if they do not carry our product, then be sure to request Haze Tobacco™.

Where is your tobacco made?

Our tobacco is manufactured in Stafford,Texas, where everything is “Bigger & Better in Texas”!

What are your top flavors?

All of the flavors are incredible, but we will leave it up to you to choose your favorite.

Will there be more flavors in the future?

Our goal is to release a new flavor every month.

How are your flavors chosen?

Every flavor is carefully thought out before the production process begins. This allows us to fulfill the diverse smoking preferences of our consumers.

What is ‘Stack N Haze™’?

With our patented containers, we make storage easy with our Stack N Haze™ concept.When you purchase more than one container, you can store them separately OR you can take the lid off of a container and stack it shut on top of another container.This allows you to keep your flavors all in one place ready to mix and match your tobacco for the flavors you enjoy smoking.